Is the evolution of mobile messaging apps a threat to Facebook?

Now creating a huge network of friends, individual personal profiles and sharing photos, videos and music doesn’t mean you are just using Facebook. Instead they point to several thousands of smartphone based mobile messaging apps, which come with more or less the same functionality of that of Facebook. Whatsapp, Kik and WeChat are few of the best outcomes in this journal.

These apps originally come with characteristics that combine the elements of text messaging and social networking. Today, these apps fall to be an absolute solution for smartphone users to access everything right from brief texts to YouTube videos.

Facebook, with more than one billion users happen to be the first and most popular social brand until now and its new disguise into the mobile platform as a smartphone app is widely recognised. However, according to the investors and journals in the Silicon Valley, it seems there is a possibility that mobile messaging apps could overtake Facebook and therefore become a threat to Facebook in the coming years.

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Few of the upcoming larger smartphones have even started to evolve as fully blown platform, which are ready to support all third party applications like games and so forth. However, the true fact is most of the individuals who show interest on these mobile messaging apps also remain on Facebook. But the social media giant should keep in mind that this wouldn’t be the situation always. There might come a time where the brand could lose its lock on the market. Facebook unveils news relating to android, the world’s most popular smartphone operating system. The new version of Android will come up with a deeper integration of Facebook messaging tools and this could even turn up into a Facebook branded phone.

Facebook is keenly into taking back the messaging world and its users. The big challenge Facebook find presently is out winning the messaging market and the interests of its users. Apps like WhatsApp and Kik have got everything you could do from Facebook.

Additionally these apps look short and simple. With mobile phones, simplicity matters a lot and this could be one prompt reason why such apps shine out. Besides Whatsapp and Kik, another notable mobile messaging app that is covering up interests is MessageMe, the app has received more than 1 million downloads in its first week itself.

All of us prefer to relax and lie on our bed and tap messages, share videos and images to our closed ones through social networks. And if this option is available through smartphones, then with no doubt every one of us going to vote for it. So these apps, for sure is a threat to Facebook!

So, is the evolution of mobile messaging apps a threat to Facebook?

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