Add Pinterest videos for exposure & audience reach

Pinboard giants Pinterest is gaining more growth on a daily basis and are going from strength to strength with no signs of falling, this is a social network that has value and great for those with a product to sell, or a business that needs exposure.

There are so many users who believe they can add just photos to their board, how many know that videos can be added to with keywords and tags etc?

Thousands of Pinterest users knew that videos could be added to their Pinterest board, but did not know the impact it could have in the search engines etc, but thanks to Multichannel Merchant they have taken their time to explain a little in making Pinterest the new home for videos. They explain in detail about adding product videos to your pinboard in addition to images for extra exposure.

Videos have always been a greater mark on getting the message across, yes photos are good but we look at them and have to make our own minds up in what those products are about and what they can provide, but videos are more personal and sends a stronger message.

Pinterest videos will be indexed by the major search engines like Google for example, if you type in Google search for something you will always see a YouTube video with a link, so adding a video on Pinterest is a good move for video exposure.

Please visit the source above where they explain in detail about adding pricing information, full descriptions, tags, special keywords and so much more.

Please do let us know if you have created your own videos board within your Pinterest profile?

Add Pinterest videos for exposure & audience reach