Google Plus comments inside Blogger posts

Users can now use the Google Plus comments system within the Blogger blogging platform, the new Blogger update is very good indeed and means users can take full advantage to respond to blog posts via Google+ accounts.

If you have a Google+ account some may be very happy that the Google+ commenting system being it private or public has now been incorporated within the Blogger blogs.

The Google+ commenting system on Blogger blogs can now be activated by syncing your Google+ account to Blogger first, just head on over to settings and go to the Google+ tab on the left side bar.

We would like to stress that the comments will not work on private blogs; you will need the latest Google+ update to continue. At the end just agree to the terms etc and then your Blogger profile will change to a Google+ profile that links both your Blogger blog and Google+ pages.

This is great news because readers will also be able to re-share content with ease, within the Google+ Hangouts users can discuss posts with readers, and +1’s can be seen via Blogger as well.

Does this mean the Google blogging platform is now a true competition for rivals Facebook?

Source – Google Official Blog.

Google Plus comments inside Blogger posts