Google+ Hangout update mutes microphone whilst typing

There are always new things to look for to make social networking so much better and more likable, and one Google+ update that is very interesting is to do with hangouts and when you are typing.

During a Google+ hangout most users do not know about the automatic muting when typing, this feature was only recently rolled out and Google engineer Tim Haloun explains a whole lot more about it.

When users are typing in a hangout on Google+ their microphone may be muted until they stop, there will be an in-Hangout notification so they know they are not interrupting the conversation, and Haloun also mentions that we’ll do this for larger Hangouts (4+ people).

If you have a few people in a hangout everyone has to listen to the annoying keyboard noises clicking all the time, and in some cases you have to mute that person, and when they do stop typing they probably think about why they were muted, they then say they will mute their own microphone.

We love the new automatic muting when typing; please do let us know what you think?

Google+ Hangout update mutes microphone whilst typing

  • Alfredo F. Vera

    Absolutely hate it because you can’t disable it, its really annoying when trying to use it while playing video games or doing homework. Good feature, bad implementation.