Debating Facebook friend request to boss

Facebook can either be the place of joy, information rich and a good point of interest for business, but one-debate strikes the globe has to do with – who should you send Facebook friend requests too?

Should you really be friends with co-workers or bosses on Facebook? This is a question that sticks out in many minds, and thanks to a new survey conducted by SodaHead they reveal a little more for us.

Many agree that you should not be Facebook friends with your boss, the survey revealed that more women than men said it was ok to be friends with their bosses on the social networking site. It also showed that 55 percent said it was ok to be friends with co-workers and 45 percent said no you should not.

The thing we have to remember is that you will add photos, put information on there like where you went on holiday, in most cases some actually put their daily routines on there, like roll on Friday I cannot be bothered to work. Some do not even go into work and yet go on Facebook and post statuses all day long.

Business and personal should never mix, things should stay professional at all times when it comes to work, and having your boss on Facebook then becomes personal. OK, there are some down to earth bosses out there that are just as much as a laugh as you are, but then you have the straight-laced boss who can just about crack a smile because they are so focused on business at hand.

People have been fired because of something they said on Facebook, look back to 2008 when the Guardian reported Virgin sacked 13 staff members over Facebook ‘chav’ remarks, in 2010 CBS News reported 22-year-old waitress in North Carolina got sacked from her job after complaining on Facebook about her customers, the list goes on and more can be seen via Huffington Post, we guess there are many more.

So here is a simple question – “Is it a good idea to send a Facebook friend request to you boss or co-workers?”

Debating Facebook friend request to boss