YouTube iOS app update adds live video support

The YouTube iOS app update is now here and at version 1.3, if you have not already installed the new update you will miss out on a few good features such as live video support.

Google has updated its YouTube app and new features include support for live streaming, which happened just after Coachella when this music festival was streamed live to YouTube this weekend.

So at least we now know next year’s Coachella can be streamed straight to your iOS device like the iPhone or iPad etc.

The YouTube iOS update includes new features such as access to live streams, one channel branding for video creator channels, as well as the ability to queue up videos to play on TV, and as standard the stability and performance improvements have been applied.

Users will also notice quick access to new uploads from subscriptions via “My Subscriptions” feed on the Guide. For more information please visit the App Store.

Please do let us know if you installed the new YouTube iOS update?

YouTube iOS app update adds live video support