Margaret Thatcher funeral prompts social media responses

Margaret Thatcher sadly died last week and the former UK Prime Minister’s funeral is today at St Paul’s Cathedral 11am BST, Welsh Secretary David Jones and First Minister Carwyn Jones will be the ones leading mourners from Wales at the ceremonial funeral.

Security measures have been ramped up after the tragic Boston Marathon bombing a few days ago, and the funeral is estimated at cost tax payers £10million and this does not lie well with a lot of people around the country.

Before we go on we here at OSM would like to say that Lady Thatcher sadly died on April 8th at the age of 87 and that it is a sad loss of a human life, she was a mother, grandmother and so forth.

The Online Responses
The social media responses over on Twitter, Facebook and websites are astonishing, The Glaswegian site reports that the cost of Thatcher’s funeral could fund more than 33,300 council services. The Daily Record reports the latest new about James Muir flying a flag today, it covers the slogan ‘Burn In Hell Maggie’ to mark passing of former PM, the flag flies outside the former Ravenscraig steelworks which Maggie Thatcher closed down.

Other responses online mentions it does not matter what she did in the past, she was a human doing her job. Everyone makes mistakes but she was a strong woman and did a lot of great things. No one needs to be ridiculed after they have sadly passed away, people should have a little decency and respect – especially on the day of her funeral.

Katherine Jenkins and Dame Shirley Bassey will be a few of the celebrities at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral today, if you have something to say please do use the commenting area provided below.

Margaret Thatcher funeral prompts social media responses