President SBY gains 925,055 followers since Saturday

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono aka SBY started his official Twitter account Saturday and by that evening he amassed over 130,000 followers, today he has 925,055, which is astonishing in just a little over 3 days.

SBY’s Twitter name is @SBYudhoyono and when he started the account on Saturday it got to 130,000 on the same day without even tweeting a single thing.

President SBY will now be greeting netizen and Twitter will become apart of his life according to the president’s political communication team Daniel Sparingga.

Some have said that the President of Indonesia may face some harsh criticism for opening a Twitter account, but Daniel said that leaders need to adjust to social media reality, it is a great source for the public to connect with their governments.

Barack Obama has 29,953,978 Twitter followers and it will be very hard for SBY to top this number because his presidential period will end next year, it has also been said that SBY will not be eligible for re-election.

Even if this is true it does not mean his Twitter account will not continue to grow, ok he will not top Obama but for SBY to gain 925,055 followers in a few days is astonishing.

Thanks to Tech In Asia.

President SBY gains 925,055 followers since Saturday