Google Plus for business explained

Google Plus for business is a good step in the right direction if you want to be noticed; it is all about setting up a social media plan for online marketing as such. In simple terms, it is purely a strategic move to get followers engaged, why should they add your business page to their Google+ Circles?

The business benefits can be rewarding and OSM would like to set some time aside to explain a little about Google Plus for business. We could sit here all day long explaining, so we will try to keep this short and sweet but of course to the point.

Visit Google Plus Pages here and click on the relevant box, choose the category that best suits your organisation, you can choose between Local Business or Place / Product or Brand / Company, Organization, or Institution / Art, Entertainment, and Sports / or Other.

You will have to create your own Google+ page and then this becomes your brand page, keep things simple but informative by adding your company name, add a description about your company with as much detail as possible, please remember not to bore your followers. When you enter your company details in the about section please remember to add relevant links such as your website’s URL etc.

The next step is all about making it approachable, exciting and rewarding for the follower, this is a business page remember not a personal page. Just follow the on-screen guides as you go along; Google have always been fantastic to making set-ups very easy indeed.

You can have the best-looking Google Plus Business Page but this will not be enough to grab the attention of followers, you need to engage. This is where ‘effectiveness’ comes into play that will increase people following you and then you will see shares and Google+ 1’s coming in.

Simple steps to follow includes: Make sure your profile is fully filled out, do not do half a job, make sure all fields are filled in and steer away from laziness. Make sure you upload a clean professional image, add one cover photo and one profile photo that makes an impression. Your profile photo will be the one seen when you post on other Google+ content so it is very important that this is the best photo, the cover photo is when followers come to your page, make it count.

So now you have a Google+ Business Page, all the above is now done. Now comes the ‘Engagement’ part – This is where you need to engage with content, and the key thing here is most definitely regular posting on your page. Why should I come to your page if you can only be bothered to update once or twice a week?

Be fresh with your content and add interesting postings of your brand or products, adding photos with a question is a good move as this engages your followers to answer.

Another thing to remember is hash tagging, we all do it for Twitter and Instagram etc and it is a good idea to use this on Google+, say I wanted to ask a question about the iPhone 6, it would read “Do you think the #iPhone6 will release with a whole new design?” This is brilliant because those that come to answer your question will also get a linked keyword that takes them off to another page covering all iPhone 6 posts, this is also a great way to attract users.

ALWAYS remember to talk about your products/brands etc, do not go off topic, keep in mind that followers want to visit your page for what they searched for, if you write about mobile phones they do not want a cat jumping up a wall do they, stay on topic.

It is the worst thing imaginable on Google+ when users babble on about something completely different other than what they are about. There are many ways to engage with followers, text posts are very good to start a discussion and this is what we call the springboard effect. Photo posts are great because you can just add a photo with or without text, adding photos with engagement is great for example add a photo and say something like this – Fill out the blank – “The new Titanic 2 needs to include __________ for me to go aboard.

Add promotional videos as these are great way of showing the audience, long videos are not good at all, keep them short and to the point.

Keep an eye on what your followers do, watch all the +1’s and shares especially the comments, answer comments if you have to. You will see a pattern in what your followers prefer, watch this carefully and use it to your advantage.

Posting content should be set around times, what is the perfect time to post content? We have to mention this because time and time again people make mistakes in posting content. If you have a Google+ Business page in the UK and you write about a product that is for the USA market, is there any point posting the content at 10am UK time? Of course not, you want America to see your content and it is so much better if you post after 2pm UK time, as this is when most of USA start to wake up.

Start your Google Plus business page right now and follow the above, please do remember to add us by visiting our Google+ page.

Google Plus for business explained