Update: Psy Gentleman YouTube video hits 52m, lyrics in english

Since our article yesterday the Psy Gentleman YouTube video views have gone from 14 million to 52,981,900 over night, we are not too sure about this song as it is not as catchy as his first dance tune called Gangnam Style.

It does not matter how you look at it, PSY is very popular indeed and no matter what he does it seems to go viral. We would love to know if you prefer Psy Gentleman or Gangnam Style, both have the fun factor but we believe Gangnam Style is most suited for the dancing.

His songs make no sense if you are English or cannot speak Korean but thanks to Business Insider they have the Psy Gentleman lyrics in English, take a look at the video below and sing-a-long.

The Psy Gentleman YouTube video only went live two days ago and already it has 52,981,900 hits, that is astonishing considering the song is kind of like people getting bullied until he finds his match in a woman who does the same to him.

What do you think of the new PSY Gentleman song?

Update 2: 221,852,653 views has amassed since this video was put on YouTube on April 13th, amazing.

Psy Gentleman YouTube video hits 52m, lyrics in english