LinkedIn Profile: clean things up

We have already talked about the new LinkedIn algorithm being perfect for jobs, and we know that LinkedIn is one of the best social networks to be on if you are in business, but it is also a great place to be if you’re seeking a job because recruiters could be searching for someone like you that fits their criteria.

Summer is the best time of year and millions will be into spring-cleaning their homes, but we have to remember cleaning should also take place online with social networks.

LinkedIn should be just as clean as your house, it is always about first impressions and if a recruiter is looking for someone like you they want to see your profile in order and not all over the place, this is where Mashable explains the ‘LinkedIn clean things up – and how to clean your LinkedIn profile’.

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile it should really stand out, and many profiles can hit the top results in the search engines, so it makes sense to make it clean and interesting.

Mashable do list a few good tips, like adding a good head shot of yourself with a white background, make sure the profile picture is clear and new. Your LinkedIn description should be readable and catchy titles are good to add, it would also make sense to add links to your websites within your information.

LinkedIn as your online resume for jobs is a healthy thing, being thorough is a must and all profiles should be completed. If you write half a book would someone buy it? NO, of course they wouldn’t, well this goes the same for a LinkedIn profile, you stand more of a chance getting a job interview if you fill out your profile in full.

Make sure your job history is filled out, add your skills, and be proactive by using LinkedIn recommendations.

How clean is your LinkedIn profile and does it stand out?

LinkedIn Profile- clean things up