LinkedIn as your online resume for jobs

The general consensus at the moment is that LinkedIn is an extremely useful tool for companies that are looking for potential employees and it is an excellent tool for those looking for jobs too. LinkedIn is similar to social media platforms in that you construct an online profile for yourself, but it differs from other forms of social media, because it is a professional platform, and it is used as a professional networking tool, rather than a way to keep in touch with friends.

Facebook can be an extremely useful way to keep in touch with friends, and even to make contacts that you would otherwise not have had. Think about LinkedIn in the same light. It is a way for you to put yourself forward through an online profile, but this time in a more professional setting.

Just as you would with a Facebook profile, you want to put your best professional foot forward on LinkedIn and there are people like us, who can help you tailor your LinkedIn profile so that it works to your advantage. We not only help to write a great CV that will give you the best chance in the job market, we also appreciate that in today’s job market having a good CV is not enough. You also have to have an online presence.

You need this on the one hand to make sure that you have a presence online. If you don’t then potential employers will wonder why. You also need an online profile to show that you are media savvy, and know the value of having an online profile and presence. By taking this aspect of the job market into account we can help you create a LinkedIn profile that will present you, your skills and experience in the best possible light.

So while we can offer experienced help in tailoring your LinkedIn profile there are some small things that you can do to make the most of your profile. Think about a prospective employer searching for you on the Internet. The first search results are usually Facebook and LinkedIn. Be aware of this and don’t post embarrassing things on your Facebook pages. Then they will look at your LinkedIn profile. The first thing they are going to see is your picture. So make sure that it is a good picture of you. You want the picture to present you as a positive successful person – so dress well and put a smile on your face. Don’t put up any silly or family photos. In this picture you want to come across as professional.

LinkedIn enables you to create a detailed history of your work experience. Use this to your advantage. You are also given the opportunity to have a by-line. This is extremely useful because in most cases employers may not even go into your full profile, they may only see your picture and your by-line. This means that the by-line needs to catch their attention.

Keep it focused on your skills or current job description – remember this is a professional environment. You want something that will convey the best information about you in the shortest number of words, so spend some time giving this considered thought.

As an online resource there is no better job searching tool than LinkedIn, it is a vital networking tool as well as being a resource for jobs – so make sure that you use it to its full advantage.

Nick Anderson is a writer for How2become; a leading career and recruitment specialist. How2become currently offers over 150 different titles across a wide range of careers providing insider information to help you prepare effectively. You can also connect with How2become on Facebook.