Updated: Psy Video ‘Gentleman’ vs. ‘Gangnam Style’

Early results from a number of online polls reveal that people are split over the new Psy Gentleman music video, although it is clear the majority of people feel that Gentleman won’t be as successful as Gangnam Style.

The almost 4 minute Psy Gentleman video can be seen below this article, which in our opinion is pretty catchy, with a sound that you are likely to hear in nightclubs across the world over the coming weeks.

Psy Video Gentleman vs. Gangnam Style – Over the last 24 hours we’ve seen Psy Gentleman reach almost 14 million views on YouTube, 13,838,942 at the time of writing, which is sure to increase but unlikely to be anywhere near as successful as the Gangnam Style song. It is worth noting that the official Gangnam Style video has had over 1.5 billion views on YouTube.

We’d love to know what you think: will Psy, a South Korean rapper, top his own Gangnam Style video over the next year? Do you prefer this new song to Gangnam Style? It is worth noting that Gentleman released on YouTube early Saturday morning.

If we do see Psy’s new Gentleman song hit views in the hundreds of millions we’ll be sure to update our readers.

Update: The video has now reached over 22 million views on YouTube, which is really impressive considering it has only been a few hours since we reported 14m.

Update 2: This video has now reached a massive 221,852,653 since April 13th.


  • MoogleStiltzkin

    nothing close to gangnam. gangnam had the same sort of outrageous and freshness when eminem’s slim shady first came out.

    I liked gangnam, but to be down honest, i didn’t think much of gentleman. It doesn’t have the same vibrancy of gangnam, and the comedy in the m/v didn’t really catch with me. For example pulling out chairs from girls not once but few times just felt like bullying rather than being funny. the comedy theatrics felt more weird than funny.

    with the laid back dancing compared to gangnam. The lyrics was way more simplified as well. overall it didn’t seem as if there was much effort put into this compared to gangnam.