Spotify ‘follow Phoenix’ Youtube ad campaign takeover

Spotify is ramping up a massive YouTube ad campaign, so much so they have taken over the video site. It looks like 2013 is going to big when it comes to advertising, earlier on today we reported that GM Motors are testing out new advertising over on Facebook and now it’s the turn off Spotify on YouTube.

YouTube has been taken over by Spotify to try out something new to promote a band, the new ad entices YouTube visitors to “follow” the band Phoenix during the day to see what a typical day is like for the members.

There is an 18-minute video documentary and as the day goes on viewers can see snippets of the video and at the end of the day the full 18-minutes will be shown.

It is estimated that Spotify paid $400,000 a day to advertise on YouTube’s homepage, this is all about running the smart Phoenix ad. Surely the ad will go viral and spending this amount of money will be worth it.

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Spotify follow Phoenix Youtube ad campaign takeover