Pinterest offers wedding planning inspiration for brides

I ‘m getting married next year June 21, 2014 and when it comes to weddings you need inspiration and a good head for planning, and this is where Pinterest comes into play.

There are many different ways to help you along the way and social networks such as Facebook etc are very good indeed, for me it has to be Pinterest that gives me inspiration because millions of users pin about wedding stuff on a daily basis.

You only have to use the Pinterest search bar at the top and type in “Weddings” and you get to see all the different pins that have been added. The site is definitely a source for wedding dresses, cakes, shoes, venues etc, many websites upload images etc on interest and the list is endless.

Tampa Bay Times published a lovely piece on young brides using Pinterest to get inspiration, and we recommend you read their full article. They give a good insight and links of where to go for what you want covering all wedding reception food and drink.

I never actually thought to use Pinterest for inspiration, but so glad to be using now. It has given my Fiancée and myself some great ideas about bridesmaid dresses etc. It is a shame most of the pins are aimed for women, not a lot in the way of men’s stuff etc.

Please let me know if you use Pinterest for wedding inspirations?

Pinterest offers wedding planning inspiration for brides