Paris Brown sympathy or outrage tweets on Twitter

17 year-old Paris Brown, the UK’s youth police and crime commissioner has now resigned from her job after abusive tweets on Twitter. She mentioned in a report that she quit because she thought it was in the interest of young people in Kent, the police are still investigating the tweets she posted when she was between 14 and 16 because they feel they are considered homophobic and racist.

Brown quit her £15,000-a-year job after rows over her tweets on Twitter; some of the tweets according to critics condoned drug taking and violence as well as the others mentioned above.

You have to feel a little sympathy for Paris Brown, many young persons have been a little foolish one time or another and made silly comments, in a way it makes her human and as we get older we all mature. Brown obviously regrets what she has said on Twitter (The last time we looked her Twitter account was offline).

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes was the one who appointed Brown and she said it is a sad day. Barnes also said “Brown is an extraordinary young person with exceptional skills and a proven track record with working with young people who has turned down the position of a lifetime.”

Do you feel sympathy for Paris Brown after her Twitter messages, or are you outraged by her actions?

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Paris Brown sympathy after abusive tweets on Twitter