New Facebook Emoticons shows Google+ Emotions similarities

The new Facebook Emoticons is surely a Google+ Emotions copy, back on April 2 this year we talked about the new Google+ Emotions where account holders could choose icons that relate to a photo you uploaded, and now Facebook is following suit.

The Facebook emoticons was recently activated where users can choose an emoticon such as a sad face or smiley face etc, so if today you are feeling a little down you can add the sad face. There are emotions to choose that you can use to determine what you are watching on TV, what music are you listening to, what are you drinking etc.

Next to the small emoticons is a list for adding pictures or a location, and Mashable mentions that “a smiley face image now resides with the following prompt: “News: Share how you’re feeling or what you’re doing.”

If a Facebook user adds the eating ice cream message other users can click on this and it will take them to the interest page for Facebook. This will surely bump up page likes as well as being great for advertising purposes.

We say that the new Facebook Emoticons has Google+ Emotions similarities, and in that we mean the icons that determines what you are doing, Google limits itself to photos only and Facebook has gone that one step further to create usability.

Please let us know what you think of the new Facebook emoticon feature?

New Facebook Emoticons surely Google plus Emotions copy