General Motors testing mobile Facebook ad marketing

General Motors stepped away from advertising on social networks for about a year, and now we can report they are returning to test its new mobile Facebook ad marketing campaign.

The trial advertising by Detroit automaker GM Motors will kick off its new test for the Chevrolet Sonic sub-compact, and Facebook will provide the mobile advertising marketing program, there is no word how much money the company is pumping into this scheme.

Facebook’s new audience targeting tools intrigued GM executives, and this is when they decided that 2013 was the perfect year, Facebook’s new tool will deliver ads to consumers that are more likely to buy.

Chevrolet is now testing multiple mobile ad solutions, and one of these include Facebook, Chevrolet marketing vice president Chris Perry said that this is part of the ‘Find New Roads’ campaign, and that the pilot campaign for Chevrolet Sonic utilizes newly accessible targeting and measurement capabilities on Facebook.

GM ploughed $10 million into ads on Facebook during the year before its decision last May. No money has been mentioned on how much GM Motors will spend this year, but we are intrigued, we will update when we know more.

Source – Forbes

General Motors testing mobile Facebook ad marketing