Google vs Facebook in social logins popularity

Social logins is a very hot topic at the moment and since Google launched its Google+ sign-ins is has become hotter than ever. There are many social networks to think about here including Twitter, Linkedin, Yahoo, Facebook and Google etc, but we want to concentrate on the two main ones here.

Social login provider Janrain have released new data with social login preferences, and when it comes to percentages Facebook comes in with 46% and Google at 34%, but Google is gaining ground very fast indeed.

It now looks like Facebook is starting to lose ground to Google and within a year or so seeing Google with higher social logins when it comes to percentages.

So to break it down, when it comes to social logins Facebook is still at the top of the list, but in Q1 2012 Facebook was at 49% and this year are at 46%, but Google in 2012 had 31% and this year 34%. This means Google has climbed and Facebook has dropped a little.

What we have to think about is when will Google push to make Google+ logins the pattern for sites that use Google logins?

Google vs Facebook in social logins popularity