Facebook breastfeeding banned mum get’s apology

Kristy Kemp was banned twice on Facebook for breastfeeding, she runs the FB page called Breastfeeding/MamaTalk page and after she posted a picture she uploaded to her 5564 followers. Since then the social networking site has sent an apology.

We all know there is a strict no-nudity policy, especially when sharing photos. Breastfeeding in our minds in not classed as nudity, it is a way a mother needs to feed her child and is natural to do so.

Facebook Home was announced last week and Mark Zuckerberg himself said that Facebook is a community, and Kristy Kemp has a community about breastfeeding for mums.

When Kemp was banned she tried to get a response and heard nothing, but then Fox 40 got a hold of the story and got an answer within hours. Cnet reported about Kemp’s apology and in that it mentioned that a member of the “Facebook team accidentally removed something you posted on Facebook. This was mistake, and we sincerely apologize for this error.”

Kemp’s Facebook page is all up and running again, please do let us know your views on breastfeeding photos on Facebook, is there really anything wrong about this?

Please watch the news via the video provided below.

Facebook breastfeeding banned mum get’s apology