Twitter founders use net worth for next project

Twitter founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone have both decided to use their net worth of $200 million to start the next project. Back in 2010 Evan Williams decided to leave his position to start a new start up incubator ‘The Obvious Corporation’, and then a few months later Biz Stone decided it was his turn to join the ‘Obvious’ project.

Both Williams and Stone have launched start-ups such as Branch and Medium and a few more to boot, Biz Stone started another new company called ‘Jelly”.

Nearly all of Williams’s time is spent with working on Medium, which is the publishing platform that Obvious announced back in 2012 and Medium was spun out from Obvious, which is now its own operational company.

Stone is committed to Jelly, which again is affiliated with Obvious. Jelly will be a free app to help people do good, it will be developed for mobile devices. For more information about Jelly please read here.

Twitter is huge and continuing to gain more users on a daily basis, and even though Twitter founders use net worth for their next project mentioned above it leaves us with one question – Will it be as big as Twitter?

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Twitter founders use net worth for next project