Facebook will charge to send some messages

Mark Zuckerberg has a very successful social media site and multi-billionaire fortune, but it looks like more money could be making its way into the Facebook account. The latest Facebook news reports that account holders may be charged up to a staggering £10 to send some messages.

Sky News reports the charges will be priced at between 70p and £10, but this will only occur if Facebook users wish to message people who are not included in their network of friends.

The whole idea behind the charge to message is purely down to preventing spam, price points in the UK are being tested to find the optimal fee that signals importance.

There was a charge of $100 to contact celebrities such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, but this was later abandoned, to charge to send messages outside users network of friends is still being tested.

This leaves OSM with a few queries; we can see Facebook charging for bigger things to come, especially if they want to start charging users for small things now. The other query is our question to you “Would you pay Facebook to send some messages?”

Facebook will charge to send some messages

  • Buggs52

    No way. And if Facebook continues I will delete my page. I can live without facebook and opt back to email !