Justin Bieber Twitter hate in Teen Vogue interview

There are millions who love Justin Bieber and there are a few that hate him, and on his Twitter account he has amassed 37,105,933 followers and there are a few people who like to say nasty things.

Of late Bieber has been getting a lot of attention, when he came to the UK he got into a rant with a reporter, who said to Bieber f**k off back to America”, “f**king little moron” with Bieber responding back with I’ll f**king beat the f**k out of you”.

Ok, we all have our bad days and clearly this was not a good day for Bieber when he visited the UK, he split with girlfriend Selena Gomez back in December, so it stands to reason he is not having a great time of it lately. Justin Bieber was in a new interview with Teen Vogue where he opened up a little about the crazy stuff surrounding him and much more.

Sometimes Justin Bieber wants to respond to people when they anger him, he said that when he visits his Twitter account he wants to go after people, he openly admits this but said he thinks twice about doing so when they are dissing him because it will only make the haters more famous if Bieber tweets them.

Bieber did say that his Twitter is really nice and that he hardly sees a nasty tweet. Do you follow Justin Bieber on Twitter? Please do watch the video provided below, thank you.

Justin Bieber Twitter hate in Teen Vogue interview