Facebook ‘phone’ receives 6 times less buzz than Samsung Galaxy S4

The launch of Facebook’s new phone operating system received a lukewarm response online with only 57,000 conversations compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 which sparked 323,000 comments, according to Synthesio the global social media monitoring and analysis software provider.

The majority of the 57,000 conversations on launch day were neutral (86.8%), with 3.8% negative and only 9.4% positive.

Synthesio analysed conversations on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and the comments sections of news sites across the world.

Catriona Oldershaw, Managing Director UK of Synthesio, said: “There was a very clear disconnect between what consumers expected the announcement to be about and what was actually revealed. In the run up to the announcement, many people expected a brand new Facebook ‘phone’ to be announced, rather than a new operating system. This goes some way to explaining the rather subdued response online.

“Online comments were also very US-centric, with 48% of conversations originating in the US and only 28% in Europe and 11% in Asia. To put this into context, when the Samsung Galaxy S4 was launch last month, comments were split evenly across these three key markets. This could indicate that the announcement has much less global appeal given the differing levels of Facebook penetration across the globe.”