Debating Google+ sign in across devices

Facebook and Twitter have been the kings of social networking and they are very successful in building a massive following, but Google+ is making a stand and they are growing very fast indeed. Google is now expanding the way followers use Google+ credentials, so lets talk a little about the Google+ sign in.

There are thousands of developers using the social infrastructure and user management platforms such as Gigya and Janrain, and these are great for managing sign-in systems. Both of the above names are including the Google+ Sign-In, which is now part of its product suites.

If you have a Google account and wish to access certain Web apps and Web sites, maybe the Google+ sign-in feature is for you, this means users will not have to create new accounts right from the beginning. The method is comparable to using your Facebook or Twitter credentials to log in to different Web sites and launch different Web apps.

Developers can now add more options, and some of the features include the ability to add trusted authentication to developers’ sites and apps, Web users can download their Android app automatically, users can share interactive posts with friends, write app activities that only appear when they’re applicable, and users can customise their app experience using Google+ profile info.

After writing the above we came across The Register, we love what they have published because it brings a whole new light to the Google+ sign in, please read their article titled “Hate being stalked by Facebook? Why not try Google+ stalking.”

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Debating Google+ sign in across devices