Facebook’s mobile users take to message apps

Facebook’s growth is immense but this could all change if users head towards message apps such as WeChat, Line, WhatsApp and Kik. Facebook is very popular indeed with the youth but it seems the social networking site is being overshadowed by the likes of instant messaging apps, and this is starting a new trend, especially in Asian markets.

In a new Reuters report, industry insiders and investors acknowledge the possibility of message apps slowing down the Facebook dominance over the next few years. We all know that Facebook mobile apps are highly used, but if third party apps with full-blown platforms continue to be installed on mobile devices without the worry of SMS plans offered by wireless carriers then the dominance Facebook has attained will slowly diminish.

Facebook mobile could be even better, especially if a new version of Android and deeper integration of Facebook messaging tools are released, maybe a Facebook branded smartphone. Could this be where HTC release a phone with Facebook in mind?

Mark Zuckerberg and his team really need to hit the drawing board and come up with a contingency, to keep the youth on Facebook they need to release a branded smartphone with messaging apps built in, what do you think?

Facebooks mobile users take to message apps