YouTube is not shutting down, it’s April Fools

It came as a shock to some that YouTube will be shutting down after an amazing eight years of success, the video provided below shows YouTube Competition Director, Tim Liston explaining how they will find a winner by choosing a video that has been uploaded and when YouTube will return in 2023.

A site called ‘The Onion’ was set up to find the best video on YouTube, this was all part of a contest we all know is an April Fools Day joke. OSM watched it and knew straight away it was a joke, Tim Liston said “We are so close to the end,” and at 12-midnight last night will not be accepting any video entries.

Liston goes on to say in the video, all videos will be reviewed and a winner will be selected. Just watching the video and seeing 2023 relaunch put a smile on our faces, as if YouTube with all its success would shut down.

Please do let us know what you think of the YouTube April Fools Day prank?

YouTube is not shutting down, it's April Fools

  • evere craft

    i think its terrible i was crying so hard i think it was verry mean