Pinterest user numbers reach 48m in 2013

The highly popular photo-sharing website basically acts as an online scrapbook, and Pinterest users statistics has hit an all time high of 48 million users worldwide.

Looking at how many users it has gained in a short time is astonishing, but when it comes to Pinterest users by gender 83 per cent of them are women.

Users can take a photo and pin them to the virtual board, this is a success story in its own right. We see pins most of the time consisting of animals, wedding dresses, cupcakes and babies according to the Mail Online.

So what do men do? This is where comes into play, and this is an online scrapbook just for men where users will see beers, sheds and so forth. This site for men does not use pins, they use nails and so far it contains over 75,000 of them.

Please let OSM know if you use Pinterest and if you are a man or woman?

Pinterest user numbers reach 48m in 2013