Google Nose leads April Fools jokes

Taking a quick look at Google+ or the popular search engine today will reveal a new service, which is going by the name of Google Nose. This new search option, currently in beta, allows users to find out how certain search terms smell just like they would if you were looking up details for a nice wine.

Product Reviews points out that Google Nose is one of the best April Fools jokes so far in 2013, and while we found that observation pretty obvious, imagine if this new search feature stayed after April Fools Day?

The official Google Nose video can be seen below this article, if you’re on our website and not in the app, or you can take a look at the official website This page explains the new “scentsation” in search and how the 15 million scentibytes are helping to deliver something new and radical to search, which also includes a SafeSearch option for some of them bad smells.

Google Nose is our favorite April Fools joke so far, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on this attempt and any others you’ve seen via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus? Take a look at the video or Google Nose landing page then share a comment. Wet Dog is one search that brings up the new smell options, although we’d love to know about any others you’ve found?