Facebook targets new home on Android with extra features

Facebook is so big that you won’t have a problem finding apps that tailor the social network to your device, which might be a tablet, smartphone, or television. While the support for Facebook is overwhelming, it isn’t enough and an upcoming event in April aims to reveal a new Android-based device with extra features only possible with a Facebook partnership.

Mainstream media and press received an email that included the words “new home on Android”, which revealed a clear goal for Facebook to tailor their service to Android mobile devices in a much better way.

When we look at our own Facebook pages and see the updates from readers, it’s clear most people post messages via mobile devices and not from the desktop. Facebook know this and want to offer a “new home” for Android users that love the social network.

Currently it is not officially known what the new home, or device, might be although rumors have been increasing over the last 24 hours. TechCrunch claim we will see some new phone software with extra features, which will be running on HTC hardware.

There have also been rumors of a marketing campaign for the new phone and software. Keep connected to Online Social Media and we will update you with more details on this new software and hardware being revealed at the start of next month. Thanks to ABC.