Mark Zuckerberg: From Facebook to politics

Mark Zuckerberg is going from Facebook to politics in a new move to start a political campaign, the Billionaire who is only 28 years old has donated millions over the years and the latest was £65 million to the state school system in his native New Jersey.

Why is Mark Zuckerberg entering the world of politics? The sole purpose is to focus on liberalising the US immigration and visa system, this new path will put Mark and Joe Green back together again as well as other financial backers.

The social network genius put a complaint in about America’s strict migration controls that avoids them from recruiting talented foreigners and overseas graduates. A letter was sent to leaders in Congress and President Barack Obama covering the plans that have been put into place to address this problem.

The letter basically points out that there are many highly skilled immigrants that wish to stay in America but are forced to leave because they cannot get permanent visas.

We wish to say a massive thank you to The Telegraph, we recommend you visit this website for more insight. Do you feel the Facebook founder can make a difference in the political world?

Mark Zuckerberg- From Facebook to politics