LinkedIn new unified search launches

LinkedIn has a new update that makes it’s search much more interesting, it is now smoother and streamlined for the user. The new LinkedIn update is all about the search and below we explain a little about the new features.

Some of the main features within the new update include ‘Auto-Complete’; this will now allow LinkedIn to suggest options for whatever you are searching. This means suggestions are highly improved when you search more.

When it comes to ‘Suggested Searches’ say you type in the search field ‘Team Leader’ it will show you new search queries for jobs or people related to that search term as well as the ability to preview top results, this is great because it will help users find exactly what they are looking for with a simple one-click action.

Other features include ‘Automated Alerts’ and ‘Enhanced Advanced Search’; the enhanced feature will allow users to filter more such as company, school and location etc. The new alerts will allow users to save searches and when they do an alert will come to you when the results change.

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LinkedIn new unified search launches