Pinterest delivers iPhone update for better pinning

For those that use Pinterest will be happy to know there is a new iPhone update that will allow for better pinning. This now allows users to edit profiles direct from their Apple smartphones as well as discovering new pins through something called ‘people who pinned this also pinned’ feature.

Not counting out the iPad using Pinterest, the update also provides a close-up view of your pins in with a whole new look on the tablet.

Pinterest has redesigned its website as well and now provides the best pinning experience with mobile device users, the Pinterest iPhone/iPad update also contains a few minor changes as well, these are only cosmetic changes but yet still good to know they are updating.

If you visit the website you will see the option to preview the Pinterest new look, at the top you will see “Preview our new look” – just click it and change to the new look.

Please do let us know if you have installed the new Pinterest update on your iPhone, for more information on the new update please visit the App Store or iTunes.

Pinterest delivers iPhone update for better pinning