Google+ social network tweaked with new photo filter

We all know that Facebook and Google+ are competition rivals and now Google has tweaked around with its social networking site so that users and followers can now filter search results to make it easier for those that want photo posts only.

If you go to your Google+ profile page you will be able to access the brilliant and easy to use photo filter via the drop-down menu via the search result pages. We came across the Google+ profile belonging to Dave Cohen and he talks a little about finding photo posts that were shared with you.

There are so many amazing photographers on this social network, so it makes sense to have the Google+ social network tweaked with a new photo filter. We recommend visiting Dave Cohen because he explains a little about this and the searches he enjoyed including Long exposure, Steel wool and Cartoons.

Facebook is always adding new features and now it is the turn of Google+, please do let us know what you think of the new photo filter search?

Just wish to say thanks to PC Mag

Google+ social network tweaked with new photo filter