Bing incorporates Facebook and Twitter more into search

Everything one way or another seems to relate around social networking, and now we have learned that Bing now incorporates Facebook and Twitter more into search.

It was back in 2012 when the “Snapshot” feature within Bing was added to its search engine, and they have to move forward and to do this they have incorporated so much more information from the likes of Twitter and Facebook with different ways of displaying search results that involve people.

This will give answers at a glance to search queries as well as the prominence of relationships between results; this is very much like the Google Search engine. If you search for say a person, celebrity etc Bing will show search result information via Twitter, Klout and Facebook and then will be added to Snapshot. On the page, users will see a center column of Bing’s search results page.

At first the Snapshot feature focused mainly on hotels, movies and restaurants etc, and now Microsoft has expanded its results, people search seems the most popular and there are millions of people on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, so to bring back a search result to do with these social networks only makes clear sense.

In a nutshell when you search for things using Bing you will get many more results, especially from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

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Bing incorporates Facebook and Twitter more into search