New Facebook news feed with fresh paint

We all know that Facebook is never-ever static in terms of the way it looks and functions. Over the years, the website has been undergoing a series of changes, revamps, facelifts and been receiving significant upgrades with an aim to offer its users a better way to connect. Sometimes they’ve been alluring, like the recent Graph Search, and at times they’ve been intimidating to the core (our very own timeline). But that doesn’t count. Facebook loves to keep things updated and trending, and that is why it has rolled out a new look to the monotonous news-feed, we’ve been scrolling down for some time. The revamp includes a fresh paint job to the interface, its layout and the convenience of navigating to the content one wishes to see. In detail, we’ve broken down the update and its benefits into paragraphs below. So, read on to learn more about Facebook’s all new News Feed.

Impressive: For a second it seems that the update is all about improving the website’s quality in terms of the way it looks. It may, for some, reflect the efforts developers have put-in to come up with a brilliantly looking layout and interface that retains the website’s efficient functioning just like before. The new look lays emphasis on displaying more photos and contents from people to whom the user is close with. Unlike the earlier news feed that was completely dominated by texts and sentences, the new look displays everything in style and with a thumbnail image of post. The uploaded pictures and albums will get displayed as a large thumbnail in the news-feed, occupying most of the screen space. Furthermore, the feed that shows information on accepted friend requests of friends from now on will contain a small snippet of the user who has been accepted (including the user’s profile picture, cover picture and information provided in the about section). Links, articles and events that have been shared will contain a thumbnail image of the user who has shared the links, and check-ins will now display bigger maps.

Navigating to Posts and Contents: With this update, users take charge of controlling the information they wish to see on their news feed. The previous news feed screen displayed contents from the Most Recent and Top Posts, and with this new look, users can further refine what has to get displayed on their news feed screen. There are options that facilitate users to filter contents from ‘Friends alone’ and ‘Following alone’. Selecting the former option will let users see posts from friends alone and will exclude post from people to whom the users have subscribed to. And the latter option will display posts from pages/profiles they have subscribed to, hiding posts from friends. To further simplify their news feed, users can even sort the posts according to photos, music, apps, games and groups.

Another major makeover in the interface includes the moving of various tabs like apps, search bar, friends, messages and the likes to the left portion of the website’s desktop version. Also, the chat window has been moved to lower-left portion of the screen, with thumbnail images of users who are online. With this, users can seamlessly navigate from one page to another without actually reaching the Facebook’s home page.

Finally, the update also claims to be flexible and versatile. This means that the social networking website will look and feel the same in a desktop and in a mobile.

So the next big update from the website is out and sure seems to be promising. Let’s hope the new look manages to allure users and truly offers them a better way to connect and interact.

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Take a look at the keynote for Facebook’s news feed revamp in the video below.