Harlem Shake video by NASA hits YouTube

NASA decided to upload a video to YouTube earlier this month, which delivered their version of the Harlem Shake directly from the Control Center. This has made it to our favorites list of Harlem Shake videos on YouTube, but it also represents the momentum the dance craze has taken and that it reaches people in just about all walks of life.

This version of the Harlem Shake hasn’t even made 30,000 video views on YouTube yet, although it has only been live for a few days. Some of the most popular Harlem Shake dances so far have included the Miami HEAT edition and an attempt during a flight.

Personally, we’d like to see NASA attempt the Harlem Shake in zero gravity. Are you bored of seeing Harlem Shake videos, or do you want to see more? If so, what would you like to see attempted with the Harlem Shake? Take a look at the mentioned videos below.