Windows LinkedIn app improves on features

LinkedIn seems to be offering more for Windows users with their latest phone app when compared to rivals Android and iPhone users with two new sections, Jobs and Companies. The former is ideal as you can search for jobs and then save them so you can have a closer look later, and the latter allows you to follow news and also updates on particular companies.

However, what one hand gives the other takes away because the calendar function that features in the iOS version of the LinkedIn app does not appear on the windows version. There’s no getting away from the fact of how slick the app looks and the Twitter updates from your LinkedIn contacts is the icing on the cake.

Those who created the app said that they worked hard to achieve the look and feel of the app for use on the Windows phone, and were able to take advantage of the metro-style to allow users to see the information they need with ease.

It’s not all great with the app though because there seems to be an issue when it comes to replying to messages in your inbox, as it’s a little difficult to do at the moment, but we’re sure a future update will rectify that issue. More details on this problem can be found here.

So why were LinkedIn so late to the party with a Windows Phone app, and do you feel they have done the right thing by giving this version one or two added features?

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