Social media cultural concerns for India

When it comes to growing markets India is at the forefront when it comes to countries embracing technology, it’s for this reason why we would have assumed that the country and its inhabitants would have got the social media bug in a big way. However, it seems that there are cultural fabric and privacy concerns.

In a country that takes these matters seriously it could seriously affect the growth of social media in India, which is a big fear for those companies who had hoped to tap into those same people who have embraced the likes of cell phones in the country over the past few years. This is a shame because it’s been reported that in the next five years India will be one of the big players in consumer economies.

These cultural concerns regarding social media in India is not shared by Asia Pacific, as growth of social media has certainly seen an upward trend.

Going back to India, Facebook and Orkut have had the market share when it comes to social media in the country, which comes as no real surprise. Facebook is used by 50 percent of the social media users in the country, while Orkut has a 38 percent share. Twitter has also done pretty well but there’s a real fear that these numbers could begin to fall if these cultural and privacy concerns start to gain momentum with the Indian community.