Kindle Fire: Review roundup

Amazon’s new 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet has stepped up a level from the company’s extremely popular Kindle e-Reader. With an official announcement just recently, Amazon have a lot to be proud about, but can they beat off rival competition from others including Barnes & Noble’s new Nook tablet.

But what we wanted to know and report back on, is what the experts have to say about the new device and that’s just what we’ve endeavored to do. To make it fair on the new Kindle Fire, we’ve looked at four separate reviews each with the good and bad.

First up is from William Rothman over at, who comments that the new Kindle Fire is not only smaller than Apple’s iPad, but remains quick off the mark when needing the device to carry out tasks. Grip wise, the Kindle Fire could be a little better, but the Fire does score points against the iPad when it comes to reading text. Screen quality is on a level pegging with the iPad slate, so overall, Amazon have carried out an impressive task.

Sam Biddle over at seems to agree, with a good review, boasting of the Fire’s crisp bright screen, and carrying out tasks such as browsing, reading, watching and so on are all simple to use.

Tim Stevens from the team at Engadget noted that on the flipside to all good positive comments, one downside is that the Kindle Fire does not connect to the Android Market, but tasks can be carried out with a good browser. The Fire could also be slightly sluggish at times, storage capacity a little disappointing, screen size could pose a problem if users are hoping to convert magazine material into digital format. This was backed up from Peter Svensson at Click onto the respective links to find out more on the reviews.

The new Amazon Kindle Fire is due to be released on Monday in the US for a price of $199.

Let us know if the new tablet device tempts you?