Social Media “charity giving” Twitter users give more

Although many of us know how popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become, they are still overlooked with what they can achieve for individuals, businesses, charities and so on. The use of social media as its known, is a subject we touch on from time to time, and as well as giving you updated news on its use, we have in the past given you advice, news of infographics taken from surveys and so on.

Today according to the, data has been compiled which outlines how users on the above sites, give to charitable websites. One in particular by the name of “JustGiving” has looked at how users vary from one site to another in terms of what they choose to donate. Surprisingly although Facebook is the most popular, they fall below sites such as Twitter and YouTube.

With the results outlining how individuals choose to spend their money and how much, the use of social media has boomed in the last 12 months, and thankfully this is down to Facebook. For charity JustGiving in the month of September this year, a quarter of all donations as reported, were helped along by Facebook, a rise from 2010, with Twitter accounting for just 1 per cent in driven donations.

In four years time, Facebook as JustGiving have stated, will no doubt make up at least half of all donations sent in. Most of the money sent in, seems to be via an app as oppose to heading directly to a website.

Do you donate to charity and if so, how do you, is it perhaps through an app? Should more charities be taking up the idea of social media?