New TV, Sony competes with Apple

It would seem that we are on the brink of something interesting in the TV world. For so long now we have been use to slight changes in the way that television programs are brought to us. Yes we have gone from black and white to color, from huge plastic boxes that sat in the corner of the room to picture frame thin LED units that hang by a cord on the wall.

But recently with the introduction of 3D sets we could be seeing more of a change. This is highlighted by comments from Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer who confirms that they have been working on ideas for new set designs. As reported by Apple Insider, the Sony man stated that he had “no doubt” that Apple’s much loved Steve Jobs was planning on a new way to reinvent the television.

He also made reference to the fact that all TV sets that they make lose money, and how they couldn’t carry on selling them in the way that they have. According to another report Sony is looking at a $1 billion loss this fiscal year.

But what will the future hold for the television? With Apple possibly about to release the perfect interface for an Apple-styled set, Sony will without a doubt have something in the pipeline to compete against it. Where do you think we can go from here?