Chromebook update: Improvements made to Chrome 15

We all expected big things when Chromebooks were launched back in June of this year, with big names such as Acer and Samsung joining the party, things initially looked good. However, early sales figures did not reflect this and subsequently fewer than 10,000 units were sold within that first two months.

Even after reports of disappointment due to the fact that the system entirely relied on Internet connectivity, this has not dampened the partnership between Google and Intel.

Chromebook owners will be pleased to hear that Google are updating their software with the benefit of some new features. These cloud-based OS extras will improve the Chromebook range that includes the AC700 from Acer, and the Series 5 Samsung along with the Cr-48 notebook.

Features for Chrome 15 will include neater New Tab page with home screens that you can customise for web app icons. According to, there will be the addition of the new web User Interface login, with video decode upgrades.

Added to this, users will find new “Games” and “Music” default apps with bug fixes, a range of security updates and general performance modifications. To find out more click onto the link above.

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