Facebook app for Dance Central 2

The popularity of dance-based games has seen an influx of new releases, with new versions coming out, the need to add that little something extra to entice gamers is all important. In conjunction with Dance Central 2, Microsoft Studios has released just that.

Adding a Facebook app, from today players will be able to check out the leader board rankings and keep track of their all-time high scores. As reported by Electronic Theatre, by linking to the social networking site, gamers will also be able to see what scores their friends have achieved and send out challenges.

This inclusion also offers the ability to compete against other competitors across the globe when connecting your Xbox LIVE Gametag to the new app.

In addition to the app, Harmonix have released “Dance Central 2 Behind the Scenes,” a new video to prepare players for the Crew Challenge. Via Facebook the Harmonix team take viewers through the different areas of Crew Challenge, this offers something that no other dance style game has ever had before.

If you want a piece of the new Dance Central 2 Facebook app, then check out http://www.facebook.com/xboxuk, and tell us what you think.

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