Astronomer Edmond Halley’s 335th birthday Doodle

Here at OSM, we’ve reported on many Google Doodles that spring up on the search engine’s home page from time to time. Either marking an anniversary of an event, individual’s birthday or a time on the yearly calendar such as Halloween, the Doodles bring us much enjoyment.

Just yesterday Google’s Doodle represented the late scientist Marie Curie and what would have been her birthday, Curie researched and was recognised for her work with radiography, something of which is used today with cancer treatment. Today it’s the turn of English astronomer and mathematician Edmond Halley and his 335th birthday.

As you see when logging onto Google’s homepage, the lettering is made up of plants and rocks that are picked out from Halley’s work from when he calculated the orbit of the comet. This is where the name Halley’s comet comes from!

According to the, in 1720 Halley was to become the second Astronomer Royal in Greenwich until he passed away in 1742. To find out more click here to head on over to Wikipedia.

Have you got a favorite Google Doodle?