Pioneering scientist Marie Curie remembered with Doodle

Today as you head on over to search engine Google, you will be met with yet another new Doodle, this time we are celebrating the life and work of scientist Marie Curie. As you can see from the Doodle, Curie who later went on to receive two Nobel prizes, is sat at her workbench. Where as some of the past Doodles we’ve reported on have been of the animated variety, today’s is just a still.

So what do we know about Marie Curie? Born in Warsaw on 7th November in 1867, Curie as the reported, moved to France in 1891. The Polish-French physicist and chemist will be remembered for her pioneering research on radioactivity, and as many of us will recognise the name, her work for the fight against cancer. Other studies carried out, included the use of two elements Polonium and Radium.

Throughout her important and what would be life-saving work, Curie was awarded four big awards, that of the Nobel Prize in Physics and Davy Medal in 1903, a year later the Matteucci Medal and in 1911 another Nobel Prize this time in Chemistry.

Marie Curie passed away in 1934 of aplastic anemia, which was due to her continually being exposed to radiation. To find out more on Marie Curie, head on over to the link here.

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Give us your thoughts on today’s Doodle and the work that Marie Curie had achieved then and what we use now?