Barnes & Noble new Nook tablet, second to iPad?

You may remember we reported before about a special announcement via invitation, that was put out to various groups in which Barnes & Noble were to be showing off a new device. We suspected that it would be an updated version of their Nook tablet e-Reader and we were not wrong.

In a direct attack on Amazon’s Kindle Fire that was launched recently, the new Nook tablet bears a strong resemblance to the Nook Color. According to Mashable, the company CEO’d by William Lynch have high hopes for the slate reckoning it to be the second best selling tablet next to Apple’s iPad.

Features for the new Nook will be a 7-inch display, email and web browsing, HD movie playback, along with WiFi connectivity. There will also be the addition of Nook Newsstand that will allow users to sign up to their favorite rag. Memory power trumps the Kindle with 16GB of which it can be expanded to 32GB using a microSD card.

Prices will start from $199 reduced from the original $249, this will give a lower cost option to those not needing the full range of the iPad’s capabilities.

Are you wishing to join the tablet craze, but don’t want to pay out for Apple’s extra technology? Do the likes of the Kindle and the Nook appeal more to you, which one would you choose?

  • TabgripforIpad

    It’s an advantage for them that they are cheaper than their competitors. But it’s so small though, I dunno if my eyes can take that much compressed text.