Baffled Facebook users, changes bring chaos

Although Facebook since its initial launch back in 2004, is growing in user numbers by the day and behind Google is the next searched for website, users are becoming increasingly frustrated by the changes made in relation to data security settings.

As the explained, nearly 50% of Facebook’s 30 million British users just can’t seem to keep up with the constant privacy and security setting changes, this follows on from a recent survey.

From the overall user amount, some 19% commented that they had in fact never changed their privacy settings, something of which we often report on. In total just in the last 18 months, the popular site has undergone at least nine separate privacy setting changes, that’s as well as the new user interface seen with Timeline.

This in itself has caused mixed reaction, with users preferring the old layout as oppose to the new, with the topic of privacy being expressed as a concern. The new Timeline allows users to post information about their lives in what will show up as the most recent working backwards. Privacy controls were also introduced which will give users “pure control” over who can see what.

A Facebook spokesperson was keen to comment by saying, “We are always trying to make Facebook better for the people who use it which means we sometimes need to make updates. All of our changes have been designed to give people more control over what they share and make it easier for you to understand who can see your content across Facebook.”

What are your thoughts on this? Are you too feeling frustrated with the constant privacy setting changes? Have you seen any improvement?


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