Twitter dissects Justin Bieber baby rumors

Pop sensation Justin Bieber who pulled at fans’ heart strings with his single “Baby,” is now defending himself with rumors that he has fathered a baby boy who was born in July. News comes as a 20-year old fan by the name of Mariah Yeater claims that after Bieber finished his concert at Los Angeles Staples Centre in October last year, she met him backstage and had an intimate meeting with the young star.

Bieber has hit back to the allegations, saying that they are indeed false with it now heading to the courtroom. He was keen to voice his feelings on social networking site Twitter by tweeting, “I’m going to ignore the rumours and focus on what is real, judge me on the music.”

With court proceedings set for December, Yeater who at the time was only 19 and Bieber just 16, could if the claim was found to be true, face a charge of statutory rape due to the age of consent in California being that of 18. Yeater is reported by the to want Bieber to take a paternity test in order that if the baby is his, she will be able to claim full financial responsibility.

Tell us what you think about the entire situation? Are you a fan; is this an individual that has taken her love for the star too far? Is Bieber’s Miss Right in fact Selena Gomez?