Modified Ford Focus range hit SEMA 2011

Amongst the range of shiny automobiles on show at SEMA this year, was a selection of tuner concept vehicles showing off the potential of Fords latest Focus. While the manufacturer obviously wanted to show off its range of trucks and other models, their display of customized Focus metal saw seven modified versions.

Picking just a trio of options, 3dCarbon displayed a matte white version highlighted with red accents and the addition of a roof spoiler. Along with tinted windows and lowered suspension on Eibach springs, it showed a simple but affective choice of upgrades.

Next up was the famous Ford tuner Roush, with their version paying more attention to the performance side of modifying. Packing a stage 3 conversion with supercharger, up rated induction and exhaust system, and wrapped in a stylish body kit.

There was an appearance of a sedan model from Capaldi Racing to shake things up a bit. Featuring a Borla exhaust, lower AST suspension and Torsen diff, the booted Focus stood out with a large orange splitter poking from the front bumper.

Its good to see Ford embracing their aftermarket tuners, giving us an insight into what is possible from the standard factory models. If you want to see more pictures from the SEMA show then head over to Autoblog. Tell us if you think that modifying such a new model is a good idea or is it best left for older generation?